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We're here to answer all of your questions!

How much does the pooper scooper service cost?

For all of our pricing info, you can head to our pricing page by clicking here.

Can you come more than once a week?

Instead of once a week, can you come every other week?

We only complete weekly services and one-time services at this time.

Do you pick up "bombs" left by any animals other than dogs?

At this time, we only pick up after dogs. We may expand in the future.

Do my dogs need to be inside while your crew is at my house?

If your dogs are friendly, we don't mind working around them. If there is a ball in the backyard, we may even throw it for your Fido a few times!

My dog is protective of the yard. Can you call when you are on the way so I can put him inside?

Absolutely. Safety first!

What days do you operate?

We currently operate Monday - Thursday.

I hired a lawn mower to come on Thursdays. Can you come the day before?

Yes, we prefer to be there before them to avoid smearing "bombs" all over the yard. This also ensures that poop does not get onto their equipment.

What's the process like?

1-2 of our team members will arrive at your home with scoopers pre-sanitized with a formula we use to kill everything, even Parvo! At the end of each visit, we leave treats for your dogs.

I have a small AND large dog. Does the price change depending on the size of my dog(s)?

No, the price does not change whether your dogs are large or small. :)

Yes, we sure can!

We haul everything away for your convenience. Everything is safely disposed of per city laws.

Where do all the "bombs" go when you're done?

How do I get started?

We pride ourselves on having a simple onboarding process, so you can get your yard "bomb" free in no time! Click here to get started.

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