Pooper Scooper Service

About Us

It's all about family here at My Bomb Squad
Let us take the task off your hands

Plain and simple: we aim to please! You can always count on us to go above and beyond in the name of customer service. Whether we are helping out in the community or donating food to a local shelter, giving back is a huge deal for us! Which directly correlates to our vision: to help families spend more quality time together. With four pets of our own, we understand the importance of keeping a clean home and yard for our animals to safely play in. Let us take care fo the dirty work for you!

  • We believe you should always leave something better than when you found it.

  • We are a small, all-American, family run business. It's a process, but we're dedicated.

  • We stay on top of responding in a time manner.

Meet Our Team

Andrew & Taeler

Hi! We are Andrew and Taeler Horak. We started this growing company in 2016 with a vision to give back.


The attention seeker
Dexter, the Shepard/Husky mix, is 3 years old. He loves ear scratches and belly rubs. He will attack yo with kisses until you give him you undivided attention. Giant lover he is!


Watching us from above
Bruce was our beloved GSD. Unfortunately, he fell ill to cancer at only two years old. It grew too fast for a cure to be possible. I know we will see him again someday!


The cat
Jack is obsessed with sitting in the kitchen sink, especially when the water is running. He teases Dexter and loves to play chase. He also eats way too much but has nothing to show for it!